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Chaga Mushroom: 5 Health Benefits of This Ancient Medicine

A not unusual star of mushroom espresso and mushroom tea, the chaga mushroom is loaded with wonderful fitness blessings. It in reality has one of the maximum ORAC ratings of any meals! Why is this a terrific element? ORAC stands for “Oxygen Radical Absorbent potential.” The higher the ORAC rating the better a meals’s capability to guard the frame from disorder-causing loose radicals. It also means that chaga mushrooms are one of the first-class assets of antioxidants. (1)

So why exactly does everybody want to add chaga mushroom to their diets? people were regarded to take chaga mushroom (regularly shortened to just “chaga”) for coronary heart ailment, diabetes, liver sickness, parasites, stomach pain, and sure varieties of cancer.† (2) allow’s communicate extra about viable chaga mushroom benefits and why there’s so much buzz approximately ailment-preventing mushrooms nowadays.

Chaga Mushroom Plant foundation and nutrition records

Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) is a form of fungus. It especially grows on the out of doors of birch bushes in very cold climates.  Chaga mushrooms develop wild in locations like Siberia, northern Canada, Alaska, and some northern areas of the continental america. What do chaga mushrooms seem like? They tend to be lumpy with an outside that appears much like burnt charcoal.

Chaga mushrooms honestly are most wonderful for his or her antioxidant content material. however, their nutrition content material isn’t brilliant marvelous. but you may see under that chaga mushrooms are low in calories, very excessive in fiber and freed from fat, sugar and carbohydrates.

five grams of chaga mushroom includes approximately: (3, 4)

5 energy
zero grams fats
zero grams carbohydrates
zero grams sugar
5 grams fiber (20 percentage DV)
1 gram protein
5 fitness blessings of Chaga Mushroom

1. prevent and treat most cancers†

consistent with the Memorial Sloan cancer center, “Laboratory and animal research display that chaga can inhibit cancer progression. studies in people are wanted.” (five) In fact, in one study, tumor-bearing mice who supplemented with chaga extract experienced a 60 percent tumor length discount. meanwhile, mice with metastatic most cancers (tumors spread to different elements of the frame) had a 25 percentage lower in their range of nodules in comparison to the manage group. (6)

some other take a look at posted within the world journal of Gastroenterology checked out the outcomes of chaga mushroom on cancerous human liver cells. The research reveals that chaga extract can be able to save you liver most cancers cell growth, making it a capability treatment for cancer within the liver. (7)

2. Stimulate the Immune machine

In animal studies, chaga mushrooms have helped to boost the immune machine by using increasing the production of certain immune cells such as interleukin 6 (IL-6) as well as T lymphocytes. these substances help to regulate the immune system and make sure that your frame is fighting off any invading micro organism and viruses. research has shown that chaga extracts can stimulate spleen lymphocytes, that may then have a direct superb impact on immune system characteristic. (8)

three. potent Anti-Viral

Chaga mushroom seems to have anti-viral talents in relation to pretty some viruses. scientific research published in 2015 observed that extracts of chaga had an anti-viral affect on human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) kind 1. (nine) Chaga has also been shown in animal research to have anti-viral effects with regards to the hepatitis C virus. the use of animal cells, the researchers determined that the chaga extract changed into capable of lower the infective homes of the hepatitis C virus by one hundred fold in just 10 minutes. (10) studies maintain, however it looks as if chaga is a worthy candidate for use within the improvement of latest anti-viral pills.

four. irritation Reducer

Chaga mushrooms had been proven to lessen inflammation. as an instance, an animal take a look at has proven that chaga extract can reduce infection due to ulcerative colitis in animal topics. mainly, the researchers located that the anti-inflammatory effect of the chaga extract within the colon was because of chaga’s ability to suppress the expression of chemical mediators of infection. (11) Why is this extensive? because the chemical mediators released at some point of inflammation make irritation that much more severe and also sell a continuation of the inflammatory response.

five. improve bodily persistence

In animal research, chaga has extensively improved physical endurance. One observe published in 2015 observed that after mice have been given chaga mushroom polysaccharides the mice were capable of swim longer (sure, mice can swim!),  the glycogen (gasoline) content material of both muscle groups  and liver increased at the same time as lactic acid stages in the bloodstream decreased. placed that every one collectively and it’s a recipe for less fatigue and higher staying power. (12)

five health benefits of chaga mushroom - Dr. axe
Chaga Mushroom history and interesting facts

The name “chaga” comes from the Russian phrase for mushroom. Chaga mushrooms have also been referred to as “black gold.” Chaga has been a traditional medication in Northern eu international locations as well as Russia for loads of years. (13) What for? The chaga mushroom has been used historically to deal with diabetes and gastrointestinal most cancers, at the side of coronary heart sickness, in those areas of the sector. (14)

when chaga mushrooms develop on birch timber, as they typically do, they're quite a sight to peer. not handiest do they appear like burnt timber, they also can grow in a clump that ends up being as massive as a human head! Like different medicinal mushrooms, the chaga mushroom calls for the advent of warm water or alcohol to break down its difficult mobile partitions to make its blessings available for human consumption. in recent times, mushroom coffee and tea are picking up reputation. this can look like a new idea, but chaga mushroom really become used as a coffee substitute during world Wars I and II. (15)

Researchers have investigated chaga mushroom for its use in preventing cancer for a totally long term. ironically, chaga mushroom is every now and then called a “tree cancer.” Why in the world is that? It’s because the presence of chaga mushrooms in the end kills its host tree. As hobby in chaga for medicinal functions most effective continues to gain steam, there has been more and more wild harvesting of this mushroom. but, this is hard on the grounds that  since the species’ existence is now being threatened by using over-harvesting. (16)

how to Use Chaga Mushroom

So how will you include chaga mushroom in your existence? Chaga mushroom is available as a supplement within the form of a tablet, pill or tincture online and in health meals stores. you could additionally discover mushroom coffee or mushroom tea that consists of chaga mushroom on my own or in aggregate with different mushrooms together with cordyceps.

some of the maximum common medicinal mushrooms in mushroom tea and mushroom espresso are:

Lion’s mane
Turkey tail
Mushroom coffee is stated to be much less acidic and feature less caffeine as compared to ordinary coffee. A cup of mushroom espresso typically has round half of of the caffeine content material of a regular cup of joe. What approximately the taste of mushroom coffee? Makers and drinkers of this thrilling brew claim it doesn’t flavor like mushrooms and that the delivered mushrooms flavor much like the coffee itself!

in case you want to make chaga mushroom tea at domestic, it’s no longer hard at all. Of course, first you’ll want some uncooked chunks of chaga mushrooms or chaga mushroom powder.

Chaga mushroom tea - Dr. axe
the way to Make Chaga Mushroom Tea (1 serving)

To make chaga mushroom tea, you can use either whole chaga mushroom chunks (kind of 10 grams). Or you could grind the chunks into powder using a coffee grinder and use approximately 2 teaspoons of the powder.

1. Insert the mushroom chunks into a mug or the mushroom powder into a diffuser and into the mug.

2. Pour 1 cup of boiled water into the mug.

three. permit the mushroom chunks/powder steep for three minutes.

four. in case you would really like, you may add a bit lemon juice, raw honey or maple syrup to flavor.

when you have any questions or concerns, constantly communicate to a health expert approximately the pleasant dosage of chaga mushroom for you.

feasible aspect effects and warning

I do want to factor out that chaga mushroom facet results and safety are presently unclear.  up to now, there aren't any medical trials that have evaluated the safety of chaga mushrooms in humans. So there's additionally no general dosage of chaga mushroom for people. however, there is a case record of kidney damage/disease in a 72 yr-old japanese woman with liver most cancers, caused by taking chaga each day for six months. Chaga is also excessive in oxalates, which may also save you the absorption of positive vitamins and can be toxic in excessive dosages. (17)

if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it’s first-rate to avoid chaga mushrooms because their use has no longer been studied in pregnant and breastfeeding girls.

if you are currently taking any medication or being handled for any clinical condition, check together with your health practitioner before you upload chaga mushroom to your diet.

There are issues about chaga and the subsequent situations: (18)

vehicle-immune diseases together with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), a couple of sclerosis (MS), lupus (systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) —  Chaga mushroom could make the immune system greater lively, that could lead to multiplied symptoms of car-immune disease.
Diabetes — Chaga may lower blood sugar ranges in diabetics.
Bleeding disorders — Chaga may additionally improve the threat of bleeding. So it’s satisfactory now not to use chaga mushroom when you have a bleeding disease.
surgical operation — forestall the usage of chaga at the least two weeks before any sort of surgical procedure because chaga can also growth bleeding threat and/or have an effect on blood sugar manage in the course of and after surgery.
if you have any poor facet consequences while taking chaga mushroom, discontinue use and searching for remedy attention if needed.

very last mind

people have used chaga mushrooms historically for centuries in Russia and northern ecu countries. thus far, researchers have performed most of the people of chaga mushroom research the usage of animal subjects or human cells. optimistically, research with human topics will become greater common. both manner, the research so far due appearance very promising with regards to all styles of primary health concerns.

Mushroom espresso or mushroom tea is a remarkable, clean manner to incorporate a slight quantity of chaga mushrooms into your diet. ingesting espresso that incorporates mushrooms may additionally sound in reality atypical, but drinkers definitely say it tastes splendid and gives them greater balanced energy. home made chaga mushroom tea will clearly give you extra of the mushroom flavor and is super smooth to make.

†those statements have now not been evaluated by using the food and Drug administration. This product isn't supposed to diagnose, deal with, cure or prevent any ailment.

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