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Lion’s Mane Mushroom: The Potential Brain-Boosting, Cancer-Fighting Powerhouse

What would you consider consuming a mushroom that appears a touch just like the scruff of a lion? no longer completely satisfied approximately lion’s mane mushroom? What if I advised you that it’s related to most important mind restore, capacity most cancers-fighting electricity and is present process research on dozens of other health blessings?

Lion’s mane mushroom is a nootropic meals very popular in conventional chinese language medicinal drug. A huge body of research has targeted round this brain-boosting mushroom in the previous couple of years, and the results are nothing brief of amazing.

One examine posted within the magazine of Agricultural and food Chemistry lists the benefits with the aid of mentioning lion’s mane mushroom is “antibiotic, anticarcinogenic, antidiabetic, anti-fatigue, antihypertensive, anti-hyperlipodemic, anti-senescence [anti-aging], cardioprotective, hepatoprotective, nephroprotective, and neuroprotective, and improves anxiety, cognitive feature, and depression.” (1)

Wow. That’s pretty a list!

whether or not you’re interested by trying out lion’s mane mushroom for your mushroom espresso or are simply curious what this abnormal-searching fungus might be desirable for, I’m sure you’re going to be inspired.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom advantages

1. complements brain characteristic

maybe the maximum very well researched function of lion’s mane mushroom is its effect on brain cells and related capabilities. This top notch fungus can also have revolutionary effect on neurodegenerative sicknesses.

One method via which lion’s mane impacts brain characteristic is by means of enhancing “neurite outgrowth” in the mind and associated organs, in accordance to analyze posted in the global magazine of Medicinal Mushrooms. (2, 3) Neurite outgrowth refers back to the boom of axons and dendrites from neurons (each person’s excessive school biology training coming returned?).

That’s a huge deal in mind fitness research. through increasing this growth, it could probably be viable to sluggish or opposite mobile degeneration within the brain — the main characteristic of sicknesses like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

A 2012 observe carried out in Malaysia observed that consuming lion’s mane mushroom could without a doubt regenerate damaged cells from peripheral nerve harm, an damage affecting the delicate tissue among your brain and spinal cord. (four)

while studying how mind illnesses might be tormented by precise medicinal drugs or remedies, scientists frequently use what's known as the PC12 cell line for checking out. Extracts and various types of lion’s mane mushroom appear to have a chief effect on PC12 cells, protective them from harm and delaying their cell death significantly. This finding might also show to be extraordinarily relevant for prevention or treatment of mind situations. (five, 6, 7)

In animal studies posted in evidence-primarily based Complementary and opportunity medicine, lion’s mane mushroom stimulates cognitive function and allows improve reminiscence in rats, both with and with out an Alzheimer’s version. (eight) multiple research have determined an inverse correlation between lion’s mane and Alzheimer’s-associated signs and symptoms, that means that once eating the mushroom extract, the rats’ signs advanced. (nine, 10)

An improvement of slight cognitive impairment in human beings became additionally determined in research posted in Phytotherapy research after 8 to 16 weeks of lion’s mane supplementation, despite the fact that this improvement did no longer closing after topics stopped taking this complement. (11)

The threat of ischemic injury (harm caused by a loss of blood drift) to neurons is also of significance when you’re speakme about brain damage and ailment. In laboratory exams carried out in Taiwan, lion’s mane mushroom has been proven to help save you this sort of harm. (12)

Taking supplements of lion’s mane has additionally been discovered to have doubtlessly defensive results on the spread of Parkinson’s disorder, any other neurodegenerative disease, in accordance to research posted inside the journal of Translational remedy. (thirteen)

at the same time as this studies remains in its infancy and has now not improved to large-scale human trials in most cases, the steady impact lion’s mane mushroom has been determined to have on brain cells must now not be omitted.

2. may additionally guard against cancer

Lion’s mane can also be sizeable in treating most cancers, consistent with a bunch of research. (14) In various stages, compounds from or supplementation with lion’s mane mushroom has been observed to probably gradual the progression or reverse the unfold of:

Gastric (belly) most cancers
Lung most cancers
Cervical most cancers
Liver most cancers
Colon cancer
Breast cancer
In regard to leukemia, lion’s mane was shown to seriously lessen leukemia cells in a Korean have a look at. (15) similarly Korean studies performed via the branch of Molecular science and technology at Ajou college discovered that thanks to the phytochemicals in lion’s mane mushroom, it has “therapeutic ability against human leukemia.” (16)

As a ways as gastric cancer is involved, a take a look at published in the worldwide journal of biological Macromolecules discovered that lion’s mane cell loss of life and cell cycle arrest with gastric cancer. The researchers concluded, “our examine offers in vitro proof that HEG-five may be taken as a capacity candidate for treating gastric cancer.” (17)

research published in the journal of herbal merchandise and Kaohsiung magazine of scientific Sciences unearth the potential of lion’s mane mushroom to deal with lung most cancers. (18, 19) meanwhile, according the magazine of Biomedicine and Biotechnology and the journal of Ethnopharmacology, lion’s mane exhibits anticancer activity in opposition to colon, breast and different cancers as well. (20, 21)

some research without a doubt endorse the usage of lion’s mane mushroom dietary supplements to treat most cancers, even though lengthy-term and large-scale research haven’t been carried out to show that as a feasible choice.

any other interesting finding worried the metastasis (cancer spreading) from the colon to the lung. when a cancer spreads to greater than the authentic organ wherein it become observed, a patient is considered to have level IV cancer. In a take a look at conducted on rats out of Korea, rats had been given both hot water lion’s mane extract or microwaved ethanol extracts of lion’s mane mushroom. by ingesting lion’s mane extract, the rats studied confirmed inhibited metastasis of most cancers cells to the lungs with the aid of sixty six percent and sixty nine percentage, respectively. (22)

3. helps heart and Circulatory device health

Lion’s mane mushroom might also help you in preventing coronary heart sickness. studies has found that extracts of lion’s mane can save you the growth of LDL ldl cholesterol (from time to time referred to as “awful” ldl cholesterol), boom HDL, or “correct,” cholesterol and decrease triglycerides inside the bloodstream, an early indicator of heart sickness. (23, 24)

Stroke, a lack of blood supply to the brain from the heart, is once in a while because of blood clots. It’s also related to atherosclerosis, a critical coronary heart situation. An extract of lion’s mane mushroom can be able to prevent blood clots and help to reduce the risk of stroke, in keeping with a have a look at through from the branch of cell Signaling, Graduate school of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Tohoku university in Japan. (25)

4. may improve Digestive fitness

Due in part to its powerful anti-inflammatory houses, lion’s mane mushroom might enhance the characteristic of your belly and digestive system.

In a couple of studies, lion’s mane mushroom has been proven to shield from or shrink gastric ulcers. for example, in accordance a take a look at performed on rats by means of the Mushroom research Centre on the university of Malaya in Malaysia, researchers concluded the bioactive compounds in lion’s mane extract can be liable for the gastroprotective activity exhibited at the rats. (26) research from China published in the global magazine of Medicinal Mushrooms confirms this, noting that “consequences imply that the polysaccharide fraction is the active element of the H. erinaceus mycelium way of life, which protects against gastric ulcers.” (27)

Lion’s mane may also substantially improve signs and symptoms of two principal inflammatory issues of the digestive system, gastritis and inflammatory bowel sickness. (28, 29)

5. Reduces infection

even though it’s a fairly distinctive way of looking at fitness, research on herbal methods to reduce inflammation is a chief way herbal fitness practitioners assist save you disorder.

A 2015 examine out of Japan discovered that lion’s mane mushroom become able to reduce irritation in fatty tissue. this is crucial due to the fact fatty tissue irritation is a element inside the formation of metabolic syndrome, a cluster of situations that boom your danger of coronary heart sickness, stroke and diabetes. (30)

Lion’s mane additionally has antibacterial consequences towards h. Pylori, often taken into consideration “the maximum successful pathogen in human records.” Many human beings by no means have symptoms of sporting the bacteria, however for some human beings it causes intense gastric conditions, like ulcers in the belly and/or intestines. (31, 32)

Lion's mane mushroom - Dr. axe

6. Acts as a powerful Antioxidant

preventing free radical harm has a number of fitness blessings, together with the prevention of disease. The molecules in lion’s mane mushroom have antioxidant skills and help prevent and relieve the oxidative strain as a result of terrible nutrients and exposure to chemical substances in the environment. (33, 34)

One particular way these antioxidants may be useful is within the restoration of wounds. A observe on the university of Malaya observed that a liquid extract of lion’s mane accelerated wound recuperation drastically in comparison to natural healing in rats. (35)

those antioxidants may:

assist prevent osteoporosis (36)
shield from alcohol-triggered liver harm (37)
slow the aging of skin (38)
7. enhance intellectual health and ordinary well-Being

A lion’s mane mushroom supplement may also assist you to sense higher by improving sleep and reducing the effects of intellectual fitness troubles.

The powerful polysaccharides extracted from lion’s mane were proven to combat fatigue in mice trials. (39) additionally they would possibly have the capability to adjust circadian rhythms lower back to everyday, as they did on mice in a examine conducted on the department of Agro-environmental Sciences, college of Agriculture at Kyushu university, that's specifically huge for folks that are at chance for dementia. (forty)

consuming lion’s mane mushroom can also be a natural treatment for depression and tension. Thirty ladies were given both a placebo or lion’s mane for 4 weeks. Researchers concluded, “Our outcomes show that HE intake has the opportunity to reduce depression and anxiety and these consequences recommend a different mechanism from NGF-enhancing movement of H. erinaceus.” (41) This appears to be associated, in element, to the infection thing associated with despair, as shown in mice studies. (42)

eight. Improves Immune function

It’s crucial to recognise the way to improve your immune machine so your body can combat infection properly. Lion’s mane appears to have the ability to enhance immune machine feature in a way also associated with the polysaccharide content within the fungus according to investigate done on mice. (43)

9. is probably beneficial for dealing with Diabetes

A 2013 animal have a look at showed marked improvement in blood glucose tiers, insulin sensitivity and numerous other diabetes signs when an extract of lion’s mane mushroom became given to them. (44)

in all likelihood due to the antioxidant hobby of lion’s mane, administering it to animals additionally seems to alleviate ache due to diabetic neuropathy. (45)

Lion’s Mane Mushroom nutrition statistics

regarded in Latin as Hericium erinaceus, lion’s mane is local to North america, Europe and Asia, even though it’s not cultivated extensively in areas outside of Asia. It’s once in a while referred to as Hedgehog Mushroom, Yamabushitake or Houtou.

because of the restricted amount of lion’s mane mushroom produced for mass consumption, it’s tough to locate particular vitamins facts. however, as a minimum one supply states that one serving (round 84 grams) carries 20 energy, 2 grams of protein and three grams of carbohydrates. (forty six)

even though it’s tough to pinpoint the nutrition and mineral content of lion’s mane, one reason it’s been researched for a huge form of functions is due to the polysaccharides it includes. Polysaccharides are complex carbohydrate systems, like glucose. (47)

Lion’s mane mushroom includes beta-glucan polysaccharides, which are recognised scientifically to have correlations with numerous fitness blessings, like coronary heart health and immune responses.

a way to Use Lion’s Mane Mushroom

unluckily for a lot of us Westerners, this mushroom isn’t with ease available on the grocery store, with the possible exception of Asian grocery markets in locations like Chinatown.

however, there are  alternatives you still have. For one, it’s possible to develop lion’s mane in North the us, and kits are available online with seeds to grow it for your personal personal lawn.

in case you go this route, be aware that many humans liken the mushroom to a seafood-tasting, fleshy object. It pairs well with brown rice or quinoa, specially if you add a few sparkling flavors, together with bell peppers or sweet onion.

now not each person has a way to grow private plants, so you can also purchase lion’s mane mushroom in complement shape. make sure to do your studies and best buy natural dietary supplements from depended on producers.

records and thrilling facts approximately Lion’s Mane Mushroom

Like many powerfully beneficial meals, lion’s mane mushroom has been regarded for a while in parts of Asia to be splendid for various frame capabilities and conditions. used in Japan for hundreds of years and probable millennia, the unusual-looking fungus is respected via Buddhist monks and understood to be almost a paranormal source of vitamins.

A sect of Buddhist clergymen called the Yamabushi put on a garment known as the “suzukake,” original from many long strands of fur, bears a putting resemblance to the lion’s mane mushroom and probable accounts for why the mushroom is thought in some regions as the yamabushitake.

some assets kingdom that it turned into reserved for royalty at different times in the beyond.

viable facet results/warning
Lion’s mane mushroom is a commonly secure food item. multiple research have determined it to be non-poisonous at one of a kind dosages, even over prolonged periods of time. (forty eight, 49)

There had been isolated reviews of side effects, including one among touch dermatitis and every other of respiratory misery associated with ingesting lion’s mane. (50, 51)

if you pick to eat this mushroom and feature any signs, along with burning/itching skin, incapability to respire properly or swollen lips, consult your health practitioner immediately.

very last thoughts on Lion’s Mane Mushroom
Lion’s mane mushroom is an edible fungus grown in Asia, Europe and North america.
it has been used for millennia as a medicinal meals in conventional chinese language medicine and other ancient medicinal practices.
due to the presence of specific polysaccharides and different nutrients, lion’s mane mushroom has a massive range of health benefits.
the 2 maximum well-known benefits of ingesting lion’s mane are the capacity capability to save you or defend the spread of neurodegenerative disorder and cancer.
Lion’s mane mushroom can also assist enhance coronary heart fitness, shield from inflammatory digestive troubles, reduce inflammation, relieve oxidative pressure, enhance intellectual fitness, raise immunity and prevent diabetes.
Lion’s mane is not available in most Western grocery places, but you may grow your very own or take it in complement shape.

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